Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

char kueh teow

hi's been a while i not update my blog due lately im busy wif wedding & engagement ceremony of my cousin & best i just finish cooking the char kueh teow & i would like to share with u all's the's easy&simple ingredient..just need approximately about less than 30minute to make it let's get started...haha;p

1st we need the ingredient

1bowl/packet of kueh teow
2tsbpn chopped onion & garlic
30g bean sprout
30g shellfish
70g prawn
45g fish ball
1 large egg (size A)
3tbspn chili paste
3tbspn oyster sauce
1/2tspn salt & 1/2tspn sugar
1 glass water

1) heat the oil and then throw the chopped onion until it's turn's lightly yellow.then put in the chili paste..stir for a few minute until the chili paste cook.
2) then put in the oyster sauce,salt & sugar and don't forget to put in a glass of water.u don't want to make it dry otherwise it wont be char kueh teow..hihi;)
3) after the sauce mix well together then u need to put in the seafood which is prawn,shellfish & the fish ball..cook for a minute, now u can put in kueh teow & bean sprout.
4) let it's cook for a while then place the egg in the middle of the pan.let the egg cook then stir with the kueh u done! it's time to taste & enjoy your char kueh teow..

happy cooking!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

choco oreo

juz made choco oreo for door's really an idea for a wedding door gift or even to serve for ur guest during this coming eid..a lovely&sweet in taste make it perfect to give it to sum1 u love...
juz rm2.50/pieces really a bargain during this festive season..ideal for office party ot gathering..what ever u like we make it become reality... ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

vanilla muffin

wanna share with u guys this photo of muffin & als0 the recipe..h0pe u guys enj0y & try to make it..really lurve this muffin especially during tea timeeeeeee......hihi=)

2cup flour
1cup sugar
1teaspn vanilla Essen
250gm white chip chocolate
1/4 cup vanilla powder
140gm vegetable oil
1large egg

heat the oven for about 150 degree it depends on ur oven.
mix all the dry ingredient together in 1 bowl.stir until it mix well.put a side.
then, take the wet ingredient into another bowl just stir until it really blend together.
after that,put the wet ingredient into the dry ingredient.stir or blends it until it's looks like cakes dough.
take a ice cream scoop measure using that scope and then put into muffin pan.
bake for about 30min.then ready to eat!!

muffin chocolate chip

thanks to ms.aleeya coz of ur order for muffin chocolate chip! really appreciate ur patient.
she order a dozen of muffin chocolate chip just for tea time wif her belove family...hope u will order again for next time =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

prawn special mee

just wanna to mix up and add a little bit of spicy to my blog today i would like to share with u guys my favorite dishes is like the tittle above prawn special mee. i used to cook this dishes a lot especially when visiting my sis at her boarding school in Malacca. because of me and my siblings love prawn a lot so this recipe really feed our satisfaction. okay, dont want to say to much u see it and u judge it..i will make u tempting with my prawn special mee photo..hihi

recipe almond chocolate brownie

1teaspn vanilla essen
1 cup brown sugar
200g dark chocolate
2 yolks eggs
3/4 cup flour
250g unsalted butter

1) heat butter & chocolate until fully melted.
2)then put the brown sugar, flour. stir until the brownie mixture blend well.
3) lastly put the yolks and vanilla essen into the mixture.
4) bake for 180 degree for 25 minute.

happy cOoking!

mud cake

hi there,
today i re-upload chocolate cake i've make for last couple of week.really delicious mud cake i ever make. further more i also tried making egg less chocolate cake cause my sis is on diet.she want to put out weight. i dont see she getting fat.but might cause she wanna looks great for our family portrait i :p

i will upload and doing more cake, home made chocolate, cookies, kerepek and think off to do some cookies hamper for this coming c u guys then..have a nice weekend!

*cant wait to watch my favorite cartoon shin channnnnnnnnnnnn ;)

p/s if u guys wanna to place order pls do not hesitate to email me or visit my fb


Friday, July 9, 2010

karipap pusing

pls email or visit my fb to place ur order

marble cheese brownies

recipe marble cheese brownies

ingredient for brownies:
300g dark choc.
2/3 cup Castor sugar
150g butter
2 eggs
1 1/2 cup flour
1 1/4 whipping cream
1 1/4 cup sour cream (i replace with plain yogurt cause i have a lot of it in my fridge)
1 tbsp cocoa powder

for cheese:
250g cream cheese
1/3 cup castor sugar
1 egg

1)heat butter, dark choc with Castor sugar until fully melted.
2)beat the eggs not to fluffy then combine together with chocolate mixture.
3)put the flour together with whipping cream,plain yogurt.mix together.put a side for a while.
4)in order to make the cheese u need to mix together all the ingredient in 1 bowl.beat until it turns to be creamy.
5)put the mixture into the cake pan in will be perfect if u use spring form.
put the brownie next to each other.after finish,round the stick into the cake mixture.bake in 180degree for 30min.

best of luck!happy cooking

molten lava cake


Thursday, July 8, 2010

oreo cheese cake

yummy and creamy oreo cheese cake.price for 8' oreo cheese cake:rm48. i do make other cheese cake for sale.please leave a comment or visit my fb

to place your order. if u have any inquiry please do not hesitate to email me..hope u enjoy!