Monday, June 20, 2011

Laduree Chocolate Macarons

credit to:Recipe credit Ph. Andrieu (Laduree)
translated by Gerri Davis


275 grams powdered sugar
140 grams powdered almonds
4 egg whites
25 grams cocoa powder
325 grams bitter chocolate
300 grams heavy creme
75 grams butter (unsalted)


-Mix almonds sugar and cocoa powder in food processor until you have a smooth fine powder

-Place the eggwhites in the powder. Beat rapidly and delicately with a wooden spoon to obtain a homogenous mixture

-With a wooden spatula, stir downward toward the middle of the mixture and back up the sides of the again, constantly turning the bowl, until the mixture is even, light and fluid.

-Using a parchment bag with about a 1cm tip (as you would for icing), squeeze the small macarons on wax paper.

-cook for 11-12 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees on a baking sheet, leaving the door slightly ajar. (I'm not sure what they are called but you should use a sheet that is insulated with an inner air layer)

-remove from the oven and with the aide of a glass, slip some water between the wax paper and the baking sheet while gently lifting off the macarons. The water vapor will allow them to release from the paper when they cool.

-Pour the creme over the finely chopped bitter chocolate. Add butter at a temp of at least 60 degrees C (104F). Let sit and cool to ambient temperature. The original doesn't say to mix, but I'm assuming you need to blend to make the ganache.

-garnish the macaron shells with a layer of ganache about 3/4 millimeters thick and sandwich the two halves together.

-Advice: Let the macarons chill in the refrigerator for 24 hours before eating (if you have the will, it is REALLY worth it!)

This recipe is really delicate, but incredibly delicious!

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